Foresights and Accessories

An extensive range of products to suit the needs of the target rifle shooter. Click on the ‘Products’ page to browse, or contact John Cooper to discuss your specific needs.

The “Super Cooper”

This new height-adjustable sight with larger 30mm diameter provides a better sight picture and allows the shooter to see the target number through the sight, thus minimising the chance of cross-fire. This sight is interchangeable with the barrel mount used with the standard height-adjustable precision sight and has been designed to have the same centre-height, meaning […]

Height-Adjustable Precision Sight

The height-adjustable foresight eliminates large adjustments to the rear sight when switching from short to long ranges, allowing the shooter to maintain a consistent head position. The height-adjustable precision sight features one of our standard precision sights screwed and dowelled flat onto the top of the adjustable sight arm, with 100m graduations.